A Helping Hand Homecare is known for our caregivers’ compassion

As someone who traveled from out of state for surgery, I REALLY needed assistance I could rely upon. My particular schedule had many moving parts and A Helping Hand was VERY responsive and professional.

Every person to whom I spoke on the phone was great. The woman who answered the phone even had an account representative call me back that night, when I called well after-hours to make my first arrangements. It was a WEEKEND!

The client services manager who handled my account and met with me in person once I arrived in town, was FANTASTIC! She took hold of all the wrangling and matched me with a very kind and compassionate caregiver who was able to cover both days in my rather haphazard and ever-changing schedule (so I had consistent care and a familiar face). Cheryl, the caregiver assigned, was very kind, attentive, and exactly what I needed! She was wonderfully prompt (which was very important in my particular case), and sincerely concerned about my well-being.

I would recommend A Helping Hand to anyone who needs assistance.

—Suzanne B.

A Helping Hand was suggested to us when we had two ailing parents who were in two different locations. Without other siblings to help out, and my spouse and I both having intense full time jobs, we quickly found ourselves feeling more than overwhelmed.

The kind ladies who came from A Helping Hand were truly helpful. The staff have a variety of levels of assistance they can provide, from just being someone who is near and able to assist with transfers, to helpers who are licensed to assist with medications.

Each staff member we encountered was professional, courteous, and considerate of our loved ones. They helped with household chores and knocked items off our to-do list when not engaged in the physical care of their clients. At times, they even hung out in a nearby room until called for, providing privacy and a sense of independence that was coupled with the security of knowing you’re not really alone.

If you find yourself looking for a little help taking care of a loved one, I’d suggest A Helping Hand.

—Kristen E.

I called a few agencies and I felt most comfortable with A Helping Hand. I liked the way they talked to me on the phone and how easy it was to sign up. I just felt that they are really caring. The women that cared for my father-in-law were more than just caring—they were careful to provide his meals and make sure that he ate. They’re very compassionate and communicative.

I was able to call A Helping Hand any time I wanted and the supervisor was always available. She even gave me her cell number and not just office number so I could reach her 24/7. Their billing system was easy. Everything was very easy. We live out of town and were many miles away from my father-in-law. It was very easy to work with A Helping Hand even with the long distance.

—Karen C.

Thank you for your rapid response to our desperate need for help for my father in what turned out to be the last week of his life. It took commitment and coordination to pull it all together so quickly, and while I realize that is what your business does, I was still impressed.

—Sue S.

Our family thanks you so much for the two caregivers that looked after our father. They were kind, caring and compassionate. They were greatly appreciated during this most difficult time.

—Mimi B.

Just a note to tell you how much you are appreciated in all that you did for my folks. My goodness, the hours you spent and the “extras” you did for them. It’s a helpless feeling to be so far away… A Helping Hand is a great company and I would recommend them to anyone!

—Terry S.

Their care for my husband was very good and knowledgeable. The caregivers were also very quiet which is very important for someone who is trying to heal. The caregivers were very prompt and did exactly what we wanted them to do.

—Margie A.