Caregiving / 14.11.2018

A Helping Hand has three Scheduling Coordinators working together to give caregivers and clients around the clock support. Since homecare is needed 24 hours during the day, A Helping Hand has put together a qualified and supportive team to answer phone calls any time during the day or night.

Get to know the team offering you support on a daily basis

Our AM Scheduling Coordinators have been able to get to know our clients’ needs, as well as continually supporting our caregivers with any questions or concerns that come up prior to, during and after their caregiving shifts.
Home Care / 17.03.2014

Senior home care is all about one thing: your individual story. It’s your history, tied to your present circumstances, that answers so many questions and provides a starting place for understanding your need for home care. If you are talking to a care provider who doesn't...