4 Ways Technology Can Enable You To Care For Your Loved One From Afar

4 Ways Technology Can Enable You To Care For Your Loved One From Afar

Taking on the responsibility of caring for a loved one can be a rewarding but sometimes, an overwhelming task. Whether you travel for work, live in another state, or just have a really busy schedule, technology can be a great way to stay involved in your loved one’s care.

1. Take Time On The Phone

Phone conversations are always helpful, however, a short conversation may not give you enough time to notice the signs of memory loss or self-neglect.

“Keep conversations at least an hour long. Most memory issues, such as, repetition of stories will be discovered within that time frame,” according to Michael Bower, the education coordinator at the Alzheimer’s Association.

Ask specific questions, such as, “What are you having for lunch today?” or “What are you cooking for dinner?” If they were planning on skipping a meal or just eating a snack, you may want to look into obtaining a caregiver to assist with meal preparation.

2. Get On Skype, Google Hangout Or FaceTime

Skype, Google Hangout, and FaceTime are an excellent way to check in on your loved one. In addition to conversing and catching up, you can see visual cues of how their care is going. Look in the background; Does the house look clean? Does your loved one look well kept and groomed?

Some seniors don’t like to ask for help and may view having additional care as a loss of independence. Therefore, it is important to be observant.  If they are not technologically inclined, a helpful caregiver could assist in setting it up.

3. Grocery and Meals Delivered To Their Door

There are a lot of grocery delivery services available that can drop nutritious food off right at your door. If your loved one wants to limit their driving, or no longer can drive, there are great options out there. Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry will deliver food and household items to your door.

ACME Farms is another great option and a local, Pacific Northwest favorite. They drop off local fresh produce as well as recipes to keep a variety in your diet. They also have a ready-made box that can easily be reheated. You can set up an automatic weekly or every other week delivery service — your loved one, or their caregiver, can prepare or reheat the meals.

4. Stay Up To Date On Their Care

Online shared web portals are a great way for multiple family members to stay involved in a loved one’s care. At A Helping Hand, we recognize that family members who live out of state or travel still want to stay connected and involved in their loved one’s care. “The family room provides complete visibility to all family members and allows for full disclosure. It is a true differentiator that keeps families connected and allows for greater peace of mind in a very intimate setting,” states Rob Krause, Vice President of Sales, at A Helping Hand Homecare. By using the online family room portal, multiple family members can view the caregiver profiles, the caregiver schedule, invoicing, and care notes to keep their mind at ease.

At A Helping Hand Homecare, we recognize that homecare is an intimate experience and even when distance is involved, family members still want to feel close to their loved one. For more information on finding a caregiver in Seattle, resources for senior health, and to find a full service caregiver who will aid in health and household needs, visit A Helping Hand Homecare. 


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