Phillips Lifeline Products

A Helping Hand Homecare is pleased to offer Philips Lifeline products, the #1 medical alert service


Call for more information about medical alerts, 206-686-7440 or 877-281-7111. Lifeline products and services include:


Lifeline Standard Medical Alert System


With Lifeline pendant or wristband personal help button, the risk of falling doesn’t have to mean the end of a senior’s independence. Using the Lifeline Medical Alert System, a senior who needs help can simply press a button and contact Lifeline emergency operators 24/7/365 days a year.


Lifeline with AutoAlert option


With the AutoAlert option, Lifeline users enjoy an added layer of protection. The AutoAlert pendant uses advanced technology to tell when a senior is moving normally, or when he or she has fallen and may be in trouble. If the senior doesn’t push the help button or respond to a check-in call, AutoAlert will automatically contact the Lifeline emergency response center.


Medication Dispenser and Service


Taking the right medications at the right time is both extremely important and easy to forget. Not surprisingly, one in 10 hospital admissions for seniors are a result of medication errors. With the Lifeline Medication Dispensing Unit, seniors have a simple and effective way on staying on top of their medication schedule.


How to get started with Lifeline


To learn more about Lifeline and get started, you can simply contact A Helping Hand, 206-686-7440 or 877-281-7111, or visit the Philips website.