Care Management

Our Care Management services are customized to give each senior the best possible quality of life, with the greatest independence


Some seniors require a level of support that goes beyond everyday help—from coordinating visits to the doctor and medical treatments, to managing home maintenance and repair issues. Our geriatric Care Management services offer seniors a broad range of support designed to enhance their physical and emotional wellbeing. Since each senior is different, we customize our services to his or her individual lifestyle and health situation. Call for more information, 206-686-7440 or 877-281-7111.


Examples of our Care Management services include the following:


Medical support


  • Accompanying clients to medical appointments plus assistance with follow up, including communication with family, caregivers and others
  • Helping with medications—reconciling lists, encouraging and explaining medication use, filling pill organizers and dispensers
  • Being a liaison between medical professionals to ensure optimal care




  • Ensuring a smooth, safe transition back home after a hospital discharge or skilled nursing stay
  • Conducting a home safety assessment and providing recommendations for fall reduction


Managing needs in the home


  • Evaluating and organizing meal planning, medical equipment and home modifications
  • Engaging professionals to provide home repairs, financial management and other needed services




  • Providing education regarding medical conditions and helpful tips for self-care
  • Facilitating family conferences and communication


Support for many health situations


  • Assistance in coping successfully with dementia and Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, stroke, heart conditions, surgery recovery, loss of mobility and other conditions
  • Other services customized to each senior’s needs


Our Care Managers are appreciated by our clients for:


  • Knowing what questions to ask
  • Keeping clients out of institutions and avoiding readmission to the hospital
  • Being the objective person who can hear all the client and family needs and concerns
  • Having the difficult conversations with compassion
  • Helping clients meet their own goals and desires
  • Dealing with difficult situations, people and family dynamics
  • Making clients successful
  • Knowing where to find what is needed
  • Adding much needed expertise, experience and compassion