Finding a Job Can Be Difficult – Our Recruiter Is Here To Help

Finding a Job Can Be Difficult – Our Recruiter Is Here To Help

Lord Harris started recruiting while in college studying for his Master’s in Business. We are grateful to have him on the A Helping Hand Homecare team as our Recruiter. His understanding of the healthcare industry and ability to connect with our caregivers and clients makes him a valuable resource to those around him.

Who Is Lord?

Sitting down with him made it obvious that he has a gift of listening and is easy to talk to. His Granddad especially felt this way. Granddad was unpleasant to most other people and was thrown out of all assisted living facilities he was ever placed in. Reminiscing of his childhood, Lord remembers that out of all of his family members, he was the only one who didn’t get kicked out of his Granddad’s room. He got to hear stories and has fond memories of their time spent together.

As a father of a 15 year old son who is on the spectrum with high functioning autism, Harris has a deeper understanding of the healthcare industry. He’s able to offer potential caregivers a real look into what their new position is going to look like. Being in a small business, Harris explains he not only the recruiter, but also provides assistance in other ways; answering calls about billing, caregiver concerns and general concerns clients may have about their loved one.

Finding A Job Can Be Difficult

With a jaded perception of how quickly he would find work straight out of school, he worked for a handful of companies including Amazon, Acres and a few others until he landed in healthcare.

“I remember how hard it was to find a job, even with an MBA – it’s rewarding to help someone else who is as hungry as me to find a job.”

Lord answers calls and emails everyday to find the best qualified individuals to provide quality caregiving services. He finds it rewarding to help candidates find a position they are excited about. If you are interested in becoming a Home Care Aide in King County, Pierce County or Snohomish County, you can apply today.

Transition to DSHS

Harris shares that A Helping Hand is working through a transition of providing care through DSHS. As Lord helps his manager through this transition with the expertise his experience allows, he finds it a joy to be utilized.

Outside of work, Harris enjoys watching movies and playing basketball.  He enjoys being a part of the changes A Helping Hand is working through and looks forward to helping the company grow.


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